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Which is more wearable, copper sleeve or steel sleeve?

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Which is more wearable, copper sleeve or steel sleeve?

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In terms of wear resistance, the steel sleeve is higher than the copper sleeve. The steel sleeve is seldom used in practice, and the shaft will be worn quickly. Usually when JFB flanging bushing is planned to choose Journal bearing, the shaft and bushing must choose two kinds of materials. Because the shaft is rolled and the bearing bush is fixed, the FB090 bronze rolled bearing will inevitably conflict during roll, and then wear the shaft and bearing bush. The processing of axle and the disassembly and assembly accuracy of double copper sleeve are relatively difficult. The bearing bush is fixed repair or replacement is relatively simple. Therefore, when choosing material, we know to choose the bearing bush material soft, such as phosphor-tin bronze, aluminium-iron bronze, tin-zinc-lead bronze and so on. According to different application conditions, we choose different copper alloys. The material selection of the shaft will be harder or more wearable. In this way, in almost all axle-bush cooperation, the axle will choose steel material, and the Bush will choose copper material. Precisely speaking, Babbitt alloys are tin-based and lead-based bearing alloys with antifriction properties. This is because the copper material is not as wear-resistant as the steel material. In order to protect the shaft, the copper material will be selected as the bearing bush.

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