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Common Reasons and Countermeasures of Worm Gear and Worm Red

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Common Reasons and Countermeasures of Worm Gear and Worm Red

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Common Reasons and Countermeasures of Worm Gear and Worm Reducer Shared by Copper Casting Manufacturers

  A. Questions and Reasons Frequently Asked

  1. Heat reducer and oil leakage. In order to improve efficiency, worm gear reducer is made of non-ferrous metal worms, which use hardened steel. Because it is a friction drive, operation will produce more heat, slow thermal expansion coefficient difference between machine parts and seals, resulting in a hole in the surface of the matching, lubricant temperature rise thinner, because it can easily lead to leakage. There are four main reasons, the copper castings manufacturer's point is that the material is not unreasonable. Secondly, the small meshed surface of the poor quality surface is the third one is the lubricant content. Fourthly, the wrong choice is the poor assembly quality and the use environment.

  2. Worm wheel and worm wear. Worms use general bronze. Matched worm material 45 steel quenching, tempering or 40Cr HRC 4555 HRC 5055 rough Ra 0.8u PM gear wear during normal operation of worm grinder is slow. You can use some gears for more than 10 years. If you wear faster, you have to consider the right choice, congestion, and quality reasons for materials, assemblies or using worm gears, such as the environment.

  3. Wear of driving bevel gear. Usually occurs in the vertical installation of the reducer, mainly related to the amount of oil and oil. Vertical installation may lead to the stop of lubricating oil capacity reducer, motor and speed reducer gear oil, gear lubrication loss is not properly protected. At the beginning of the reducer, the effectively lubricated gear engine is worn or damaged.

  4. Worm bearing damage. When errors occur, even if the gearbox is well sealed, copper castings manufacturers often find that the gearbox gear oil is emulsified and contains rust, corrosion and damage. This is because the cooling of gear oil temperature and the mixing of condensate and water after reducing the gear for a while. Of course, it is closely related to quality and assembly process.

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