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Analysis of Common Faults of Sliding Bearing

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Analysis of Common Faults of Sliding Bearing

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 Because of the friction between journal and bearing bush, the surface of journal bearings is heated, worn and even bitten to death. Therefore, in the design of bearings, journal bearings with good friction reduction should be selected to make bearing bushes, appropriate lubricants and appropriate supply methods should be adopted to improve the structure of bearings to obtain thick film lubrication.

  1. Tile surface corrosion: Spectral analysis found that the concentration of non-ferrous metal elements was abnormal; many sub-micron wear particles of non-ferrous metal components appeared in the spectrum; lubricating oil moisture exceeded the standard, acid value exceeded the standard.

  2. Surface corrosion of axle neck: Spectral analysis found that the concentration of iron was abnormal. There were many sub-micron particles of iron in ferrography, and the water content of lubricating oil exceeded or the acid value exceeded the standard.

  3. Surface pull of journal: There are iron series cutting abrasive particles or black oxide particles in ferrography, and tempering color exists on metal surface.

  4. Fretting wear on the back of the tile: Spectral analysis shows that the iron concentration is abnormal, there are many sub-micron wear particles of iron component in the ferrography, and the moisture and acid value of lubricating oil are abnormal.

  5. Bearing surface tension: Cutting abrasives are found in ferrography, and the abrasive composition is non-ferrous metal.

  6. Tile spalling: Many large-sized wear particles and layered abrasives were found in ferrography.

  7. Bearing burning tile: There are many large size alloy abrasives and ferrous metal oxides in ferrography.

  8. Bearing wear: Because of the metal characteristics of the shaft (high hardness, poor concession) and other reasons, it is easy to cause adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear and other conditions.

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