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What are the causes of hot cracking in copper castings

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What are the causes of hot cracking in copper castings

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 The causes of hot cracking of copper castings are as follows:

  1. Improper regulation of cooling system.

  2. Coatings have chemical corrosion (e.g. sodium fluoride).

  3. The larger plane of the moulded parts is the area of weakness (small solid thickness).

  4. The water-based coatings have not been preheated or sprayed improperly, which has caused excessive cooling of the dies.

  5. The friction resistance near the inner gate is the greatest, the erosion of molten metal is the most serious, and hot cracking is the most prone.

  6. Potential cracks in copper castings caused by original defects of die materials, improper forging process and incorrect heat treatment methods.

  7. Insertion of forming parts (including the core hole to the edge too small) will cause weak parts, and early thermal cracking will also occur, but the thermal cracking is striped. It also reproduces traces and burrs.

  8. When the push rod and core (small round hole in die casting) are located in the part which is strongly eroded by metal flow (such as gate and runner), the upper edge of the hole matched by the push rod will produce early thermal cracks, and the cracks will radiate. Traces and burrs can also be produced on the surface of die-casting copper parts.

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