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Causes of Small Pits on the Surface of Copper Castings

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Causes of Small Pits on the Surface of Copper Castings

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 1. There are residues in the die cavity, which has been mentioned in the previous causes of undercasting. However, when the cavity is depressed, the residue of the cavity is not necessarily flaky, but with irregular shapes, and the height of the residue above the surface is not large, so the depth of copper casting is also shallow.

  2. In the case of poor performance of the machine injection mechanism (such as the old vertical machine), when the working hydraulic pressure is unstable, the injection pressure is unstable. The discontinuous pressure of the metal causes the formation of the epidermis of copper castings more than once, but each time the position of the edge of the epidermis is different, some edges of the former epidermis are not covered by the latter, and strip depressions are produced.

  3. The hot spot of copper castings is filled with holes in the interior. Although the epidermis has certain strength during shrinkage, it is still affected by the shrinkage of the interior without breaking down, and the surface presents depression, which is called shrinkage concave.

  4. When filling, the gas is squeezed between the metal flow and the wall of the cavity without being excluded, and there is a depression. The surface of the depression is smooth, and most of it occurs in the cavity where it is difficult to exhaust, while the copper castings are located on the side edge of the end.

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