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Causes of Common Defects in Castings

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Causes of Common Defects in Castings

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To give you a detailed description of the common defects of castings:

  1. Porosity: Moisture in moulding material is too much or contains a lot of gas-generating substances; the permeability of moulding sand and core sand is poor; the pouring speed is too fast.

  2. Sand hole: the strength of moulding sand is not enough; the compactness of moulding sand is not enough; the casting speed is too fast, etc.

  3. Shrinkage: The casting is not well compensated during solidification.

  4. Adhesion: Mold sand has poor fire resistance or high pouring temperature.

  5. Cracks: large difference in wall thickness of castings; inappropriate gating system; new concessions between sand mold and core, etc.

  In general, the reasons are as follows:

  1. The pouring temperature is too high.

  2. Improper choice of shell-making materials will react with molten steel.

  3. The powder-liquid ratio is unreasonable.

  4. The quality of flour is too poor.

  Prevention methods:

  1. Increase the die temperature.

  2. Adjust the section area or position of the inner runner.

  3. Adjust the speed and pressure of the inner runner 4. Select appropriate coatings and adjust dosage

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