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Cone crusher bush installation

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Cone crusher bush installation

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1. First of all, scratches and burrs on the outer circle and the top of the crusher spindle, as well as on the inner holes of big gears and eccentric bushing, should be eliminated, the surface of upper and lower thrust bearing plates should be cleaned up, and the bolts and spring washers that fix the upper and lower thrust bearings should be tightened well.
2. Place the upper thrust bearing at the bottom of the eccentric sleeve to ensure that all holes are aligned, adjust the pad on the pad, and tighten the countersunk bolt. It should be noted that the protrusion of the bottom pad should be stuck in the groove of the bottom cover.
3. Fix the top pad of thrust bearing of cone crusher on the eccentric axle sleeve with screw, then use special lifting equipment of gear to lift the eccentric sleeve above the big gear, make sure that the eccentric sleeve and the big gear are aligned and perpendicular.
4. Using a chemical standard device for melting at a predetermined temperature, the gear is heated evenly, which is about 45 degrees higher than the ambient temperature.

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